Q: Can I do my own chemical flushing
A: As chemical flushing requires dismantling of the fan coil or condenser, hiring a trained technician is preferred. Also, it is better to dismantle the fan coil than inserting water tray to wash away the chemical as the latter may lead to corrosion of the fan coil if the chemical inside the fan coil is not wash away thoroughly.
Every air con has a cooling capacity number that ranges from 5,000 to 18,000 Btus. The higher the Btu value, the stronger the air con is. You can get a rough gauge of the Btu required for the room by multiplying the square footage of the room (multiple length and width) by 65. For example, room size of 10 ft X 10 ft = 100 sq ft X 65 = 6,500 Btu. In addition, you should follow the guidelines below for proper selection:
  If the room is shaded, reduce the Btus by 10%.
  If the room is very sunny, increase the Btus by 10%.Make sure doors and windows are shut to keep the cool air inside the house
  If more than 2 persons will regularly be in the room, add 600 Btus per person.
  Perhaps the most important feature, particularly if you have a history of bad luck with electronics. Be sure that your air con comes with at least one year warranty that covers labour and parts on the entire unit.
Temperature increments
  Be sure that the temperature can be incremented in notches of 1 to 2. This allows for greater precision and prevents electricity waste.
Sleep setting
  Some air cons have a sleep setting so that at night when you are sleeping, the air conditioner slows the cooling process to a minimum, saving money and energy.
Fan speed setting
  The more settings available, the better the energy saving will be (and more choices you have).
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