Q: Why is there noise when my air conditioner is operating?
A: Air sound is normal. If too loud, turn selector switch to lower fan setting. The blower of the air conditioner is dirty.
Turn off any incandescent lights that are not needed, since these generate heat. Also, turn off any electrical equipment that is not being used
Make sure doors and windows are shut to keep the cool air inside the house
Do not block the air conditioner vents with curtains or furniture
Switch off the air conditioner when the room is unoccupied
Choose the correct size of air-conditioner for the room. When cooling more rooms, it is more energy efficient to install a split unit
Clean the air filters and coils of the air-conditioner regularly
Don't set at a colder temperature than normal when first turn on the air conditioner. It will not cool the house any faster and could result in excessive cooling and therefore, unnecessary expense
Consider using a fan to spread the cooled air more effectively without greatly increasing electricity use.
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